The Pretenders


Chrissie Hynde formed The Pretenders in 1978. The band eventually consisted of James Honeyman-Scott, bassist Pete Farndon, and drummer Martin Chambers.

Though the group personnel and dynamic has changed over the years, Chrissie has remained a constant force, leading from the front, and the band’s focal point – songwriter, lead singer and rhythm guitarist.

They exploded onto the scene in 1978 when they recorded a version of Ray Davies' ‘Stop Your Sobbing’, the single made it into the British Top 40 in early 1979. This was followed in quick succession by the hit singles ‘Kid’ and ‘Brass in Pocket’, which have become firm staples in The Pretenders’ magnificent back catalogue, the latter yielding a UK No.1. Their eponymous debut album was released in early 1980, which also made it to No.1 and garnered much critical acclaim in the UK and US.

Chrissie Hynde has recorded nine studio albums with The Pretenders in the past 30 years since their 1980 landmark self-titled debut, she has proven to be a thought provoking, tough minded and totally uncompromising artist, yet also capable of moments of heart tugging tenderness.

In March 2005, the Pretenders were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In her acceptance speech, Hynde named and thanked all the replacement members of the group, and in true style Hynde said:

"I know that The Pretenders have looked like a tribute band for the last 20 years... we’re paying tribute to James Honeyman Scott and Pete Farndon, without whom we wouldn’t be here. And on the other hand, without us, they might have been here, but that’s the way it works in rock 'n' roll."

Rock’s great iconoclast, Neil Young, perfectly summed up what we all know about Chrissie Hynde: “She’s a rock & roll woman. She’s got it in her heart. She’s gonna be rocking till she drops.”

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