Dylan Hyde

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Dylan Hyde is a 16-year-old prodigy born and raised in El Cajon, California. His aspiration for music stems from a family of talented performers. His Great-grandmother taught dancing for 30 years. His grandfather was an actor/dancer in Las Vegas Hotels as well as in summer-stock productions. Dylan’s mother was also a trained dancer and singer. At the age of 3, she took him to a karaoke event where he picked up a microphone for the first time. At that moment, she knew he was destined to be a singer.

It wasn’t until Dylan turned four years old that his family realized he developed a hearing impairment. After experiencing chronic ear infections, the hearing test revealed a significant hearing loss in both ears. He underwent his first surgery on his fifth birthday where doctors placed tubes in both ears to prevent fluid from building in the ear canal. At six, doctors discovered permanent holes in his eardrums. Over the course of the next three years, Dylan a series of skin graft procedures, known as Myringoplasty, used to aid in hearing loss. Two failed attempts later, Dylan’s left ear still has permanent hearing damage; however his right ear was successfully repaired.

After overcoming the healing process, Dylan persevered and began at an early age to establish himself as a young performer. As with most self-taught musicians, Dylan never lost the will to grow as an artist. His piano and guitar skills show great maturity in his capability to write his own songs. He continued to grow as a singer, and took lessons briefly at the age of 10. That same year he began performing in local theater productions with a Christian Community Theater in San Diego.

When Dylan was thirteen, he was discovered performing in a professional production of the Broadway show “13”. He spent the next year performing at various functions, including “Teen Hoot” in Nashville.

While performing at a showcase in Los Angeles, he caught the attention of record producer Shawn Campbell and his partner Darrien Henning. Campbell discovered Cody Simpson on YouTube, and was looking for another young talent. Campbell and Henning began producing songs for Dylan in their studio, and soon signed him to their production company Push Music Group. Within weeks, Dylan was flown to New York City for a photo shoot with Teen Vogue. While there, several record companies lined up by Push Music Group and EP Entertainment courted him.

In March 2013, Dylan signed an exclusive recording deal with Barry Weiss and Ethiopia Habtemariam of Universal Motown and his currently working on his first full-length album. He has a unique style and tone that has drawn attention from several of the recording industries “heavy hitters.” His soulful R&B vocal sound is sure to win the hearts of the younger crowds, while still giving his older audience a taste of nostalgia.

Some of Dylan’s musical influences include Billy Joel, Frank Ocean, The Weekend, and Stevie Wonder.

Official Site: Dylan Hyde