Jason Mraz

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After starting his career singing at a coffee shop in San Diego, Jason Mraz stepped into major international success with the release of his second album, Mr. A-Z, in 2005. He broke records with his five-times-platinum single, “I’m Yours,” which held a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for 76 weeks! His newest album, Love Is a Four Letter Word, and the lead single, “I Won’t Give Up,” hit number one on iTunes within hours of being released.

Christmas Memory: “When I was a kid, it was about trying to go to sleep the night before, but it was impossible! You could hear stirring in the house, and you’re thinking, Oh, my God, is that Santa?!—but you are kind of scared at the same time, like, Who is this man, and how is he getting into our house, and is this happening any other day during the year?! However, nowadays, if I’m in California, Christmas morning is spent surfing, which is a cool way to start off the holiday, I think.”

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"Special Olympics, from my perspective, is about shifting someone’s attention back to joy and love and happiness and what we’re able to do. In my opinion, it’s not about sports for the disabled, it’s: let’s embrace the abilities that we do have."`
Jason Mraz