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Jamie Grace

Have you ever watched a movie scene where the seasons change in a matter of seconds, progressing the story from the present to the future? There, in one sweeping scene, you can witness the passage of time and its impact on people’s lives.

Put that cinematic montage onto a music recording, what you get is One Song at a Time by Jamie Grace. One Song at a Time picks up where her imaginative debut Hold Me e.p. left off, revealing the heart of a unique young woman in progress. Here, this self-taught musician who plays six instruments carves out some unforgettable new music—think Sara Bareilles, Macy Gray and Colbie Calliat—infusing a funky, laid- back vibe as unique as the young woman herself.

“She writes, sings and plays her own music. And she has this style that can’t be put into a typical label box,” says tobyMac, who signed the Atlanta-based Jamie Grace after tracking her clever YouTube videos for more than three years. “When some people sing and play, it’s almost effortless, and their joy is all over them. That’s what grabbed my attention with Jamie Grace. I’ve not been this excited to work with an artist in a long, long time.”

Jamie Grace’s effervescent spirit and contagious joy can only be understood in the context of her story. And her struggle. Diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at age 11, her young life became a series of heartbreak and challenge, a long season of physical exhaustion, emotional stress and spiritual doubt. But at age 13, inspired by the powerful testimony of Tammi Trent, Jamie Grace came to a life-changing conclusion: “I knew, ‘I’ve cried enough. It’s time to accept my joy.’ I still have something to do with my life. I love to sing. I have a story, and I’ve got to share it.”

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